I Wrote a Muslim List for Buzzfeed!

I’m so happy I published a list on Muslim-centered books for Buzzfeed during Ramadan! I’m especially happy the Muslim authors appreciated my reviews. Which book on the list do you want to read for the remaining days of Ramadan? Check out the list here, then let me know in the comments below!

What I’m Reading This Ramadan…

First of all, Happy Book Birthday to HOMELAND: MY FATHER DREAMS OF PALESTINE! This children’s book by second-generation Palestinian and debut author Hannah Moushabeck is the first positive book about Palestine I’ve seen from a major publishing house, so props to Chronicle Books! Keep a lookout for my upcoming post with the next book onContinue reading “What I’m Reading This Ramadan…”

30 Days of Ramadan Reads

Thank you so much to the Muslim authors that shared their books with me! I enjoyed immersing myself in Muslim authors and books with Muslim characters, specifically from indie publishers. It brought me back to my early days as a self-published writer, reviewing fellow Authors’ books on Amazon. Here is my Read list: 2. IContinue reading “30 Days of Ramadan Reads”