AAPI Read: Below the Crying Mountain

Have you heard of the Tulay Mosque in the Philippines? I hadn’t either, until I read Criselda Yabes’ interracial romance/political drama Below the Crying Mountain. Growing up, the only thing I’d heard about Muslims in the Philippines was that the majority population would threaten their children with them. Thanks to Yabes’ detailed description, I nowContinue reading “AAPI Read: Below the Crying Mountain”

“Home for Eid” will be Published!

I’m excited that my short story “Home for Eid” will be published in Door is a Jar literary magazine, in Summer 2023. Door is a Jar is sold at Barnes and Noble! It’s in the ‘Best Magazines’ section at the bookstore. I can’t wait to share more information with you, and see you at BarnesContinue reading ““Home for Eid” will be Published!”

I Wrote a Muslim List for Buzzfeed!

I’m so happy I published a list on Muslim-centered books for Buzzfeed during Ramadan! I’m especially happy the Muslim authors appreciated my reviews. Which book on the list do you want to read for the remaining days of Ramadan? Check out the list here, then let me know in the comments below!

First Reading of “Rabbi the Rabbit!”

I had a great time reading my award-winning children’s fiction short story “Rabbi the Rabbit” at the Islamic Center of Claremont’s Community School! The kids were attentive and asked intelligent questions, like ‘who is the illustrator?’ I was nervous that the kids wouldn’t sit through the story, which is about a heavy topic, refugee children.Continue reading “First Reading of “Rabbi the Rabbit!””