Eating represses feelings, Exercise lets them go.

I’ve always been physically active; I played sports and fidgeted in my seat in class. I’m happier when I’m active. For the past few years though, in a household of TV watchers, I became couch potato chip-eater, and therefore depressed. I ignored my instinct to go outside and walk because everyone else sat inside. (ObservationContinue reading “Eating represses feelings, Exercise lets them go.”

“Rabbi the Rabbit” featured in SCBWI’s Newsletter!

It’s a pleasure being a member of SCBWI, the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. The members are gracious and helpful. With their feedback and encouragement, I published my short story in an anthology. That is why I am especially grateful and excited that they featured my book in their November issue of KiteContinue reading ““Rabbi the Rabbit” featured in SCBWI’s Newsletter!”

Meatless Muslims: Exploring Islam’s Tradition of Meatless Meals

As a multi-ethnic Muslim American woman, I constantly observe cultural practices and ponder their origins. I notice one practice pervading Islamic events in America – meals consist of endless rows of meat dishes, with little to no meatless option. Further, Muslims that limit eating meat (lamb, chicken, and beef) are often criticized as strange orContinue reading “Meatless Muslims: Exploring Islam’s Tradition of Meatless Meals”