AAPI Read: Below the Crying Mountain

Have you heard of the Tulay Mosque in the Philippines? I hadn’t either, until I read Criselda Yabes’ interracial romance/political drama Below the Crying Mountain. Growing up, the only thing I’d heard about Muslims in the Philippines was that the majority population would threaten their children with them. Thanks to Yabes’ detailed description, I nowContinue reading “AAPI Read: Below the Crying Mountain”

Fierce Friday and Signed Book Sunday

I had a good time at Yall West’s Fierce Friday. The crowd’s enthusiasm and energy was infectious. I was able to meet one author I’m a fan of, two authors did not come. It was a cool afternoon at one of the five Santa Monica public libraries. It made standing in line chatting with otherContinue reading “Fierce Friday and Signed Book Sunday”

“Home for Eid” will be Published!

I’m excited that my short story “Home for Eid” will be published in Door is a Jar literary magazine, in Summer 2023. Door is a Jar is sold at Barnes and Noble! It’s in the ‘Best Magazines’ section at the bookstore. I can’t wait to share more information with you, and see you at BarnesContinue reading ““Home for Eid” will be Published!”

I Wrote a Muslim List for Buzzfeed!

I’m so happy I published a list on Muslim-centered books for Buzzfeed during Ramadan! I’m especially happy the Muslim authors appreciated my reviews. Which book on the list do you want to read for the remaining days of Ramadan? Check out the list here, then let me know in the comments below!

What I’m Reading This Ramadan…

First of all, Happy Book Birthday to HOMELAND: MY FATHER DREAMS OF PALESTINE! This children’s book by second-generation Palestinian and debut author Hannah Moushabeck is the first positive book about Palestine I’ve seen from a major publishing house, so props to Chronicle Books! Keep a lookout for my upcoming post with the next book onContinue reading “What I’m Reading This Ramadan…”

Eating represses feelings, Exercise lets them go.

Originally posted on Author Shireen Hakim:
I’ve always been physically active; I played sports and fidgeted in my seat in class. I’m happier when I’m active. For the past few years though, in a household of TV watchers, I became couch potato chip-eater, and therefore depressed. I ignored my instinct to go outside and walk…

It’s Springtime! by Rabia Bashir illustrated by Azra Momin

Originally posted on Islamic School Librarian:
This sweet 18 page board book introduces seasons to our littlest Muslims through rhyming lines, Islamic gratitude and activities enjoyed during certain times of the year.  It even has a “spot and talk” activity at the back and a way to explain “Alhumdulillah” to children.  The text is simple…